•Teach The Body of Christ The Important Principles of Serving God Through Ministry Throughout The Course.

•Help The Christian Man or Woman to Become Perfect in Their Works And Understand The Meaning of Their Destiny in Him.

•Each Module is Dedicated to Inspiring Christians to Develop Their Spiritual Gifts, Speaking Abilities on a Matured Level, Character And Behavioral Habits When it Pertains to Ministry.

•To Master The Art of Pulpit Etiquette.

•Intense And Overall Spiritual Warfare Training is Also Taught in This One Year Course.

•Continued Holiness is Encouraged For Each student.

•Modules are Conducted Through Webinars, Online, Audio or Video.

•Upon the Completion of This One Year Course...The Student will Obtain a Certificate in Ministerial Studies.

•All Students Are Allowed to Attend Our Extended and Advanced Trainings as Well as Activities After Successful Completion of This Course.

 Must Log Onto The Course Each Week/No Exceptions

Each Tuesday at 6:30pm to 8:45pm Class Begins.

Our Goal is to Help You Reach Your Destiny And Meet All Your Goals in God When it Pertains to Ministry, so Let’s Work                                            Together.


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